Our Services

Our services focus on: 1) in-car multimedia entertainment and telematics services for vehicles, 2) mass-market consumer-based mobile TV and entertainment, and 3) enterprise solutions for logistics and value-added data delivery. Revenue models include a combination of service activation fee, advertising, and premium subscription.

It is expected that the core of our video offering will be live broadcasting of television content. This will include both state-sponsored as well as internationally-sourced programming. These services would be free-to-air, supported by advertising revenues. Similarly, it is anticipated that a free-at-use selection of user - generated content be provided at no cost to the consumer. We would look to partner with an established content portal to supply the infrastructure and access required for this service. The user generated content will not be designed to be consumed live, but would be cached on receiving devices to be consumed by the consumer at a time of their choosing. It is also anticipated that public service programming and content be provided over the network.

In addition to the free-to-consume offerings, a premium selection of content will be offered. This will include premium live-TV channels, premium live sports and new release movies and TV library content. The latter items will be broadcast over the satellite during periods of less intensive live broadcast throughput and stored locally on the user device for access on demand.

As outlined above, local caching of content for later consumption will be a key feature of our offering, in order to ensure that the satellite bandwidth is fully utilized at all periods of time and therefore the maximum diversity of content can be offered. This will be dependent on appropriate devices with local storage being available to ensure an optimal user experience. While it will be possible for the entire broadcast content to be cached locally, it is intended that a smart caching system will be deployed in order to optimize the selection of content available for each individual user.

The audio offering will be similar in nature to the Video offering, with both free-to-consume and premium services. In the free-to-consume space, the content will be either state sponsored programming or independent programming supported by advertising.

The premium offering is expected to center on on-demand content and personalized playlists. Similar to the caching functions adopted for video consumption, this will allow the user to customize the selection of content to be stored locally on their devices. It is expected that this will furthermore be intelligently refreshed to provide a constantly current library of music to the consumer. This will provide the user with an experience similar to having their own personalized radio station: always up-to-date and always to the consumer’s taste. In the premium segment, it is anticipated that premium radio content hosted by celebrity presenters and access to live concerts will also be offered.

Data Information & intelligence
A diverse range of other services will be provided as part of our offering, both as paid and free-to-consume services. A non-exhaustive list of these includes:

  • Mobile internet – We will partner with owners of key internet portals to host their content through our platform. This will provide zero-cost access to the internet for many people for the first time. It is believed that for the content portals, this will act as a strong enabler for uptake of their other services in the future.


  • News/magazines/books – We will deliver access to both Government and independent news channels, allowing up-to-the-minute news content to be instantly accessible to all users and constantly refreshed for breaking stories. Given the capabilities of the CMMB platform, innovative interactive services can be delivered.


  • Financial information – Up-to-date stock prices and other financial market information can be delivered currently and securely.


  • Enhanced navigation – Current information from Government traffic sources can be used to allow users’ navigation systems to inform drivers of congestion and road hazards and dynamically re-route if required, thus enabling the smoother functioning of infrastructure in key cities. Similarly, contextual advertising can be incorporated to deliver relevant information to users based on their current location.


  • Automotive servicing – As cars become increasingly reliant on electronic systems, updates can be broadcast over the air by manufacturers to ensure important updates are installed in vehicles at very low cost and without the need for visits to servicing facilities. Similarly, information regarding servicing schedules and driving advice in adverse weather conditions can also be transmitted to the driver.

We will continue to innovate other uses of our bespoke network wherever there is a need for data to be delivered to a wide user base at close to zero cost. We believes that the above uses are only a subset of the overall potential for the network.

User Experience

  • Download App to access services with CMMB-chip installed devices.
  • Popular and common content constatnly streaming to devices in real-time.
  • Abundant, instant, smooth, anytime anywhere, not dependent on other network.
  • No data limits, no data cost.
  • Seamlessly integrated with cellular services for interactivity (target advertising, e-Commerce, group-gaming, social networking).


Enterprise Big-Data Delivery

  • Leverage Silkwave-1 platform’s ubiquitous multimedia delivery capabilities anytime anywhere.
  • Introduce value-added services for enterprises such as real-time tracking, Mobile-to-Mobile telemetric, logistics, signage.
  • Collaborate with 2-way communication satellites and cellular networks to enhance service with interactivity.